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New Mutants Volume 2

1-5, 6-10, 11-13

New X-Men: Academy X

1-6, 7-11

New X-Men: Hellions
New X-Men: Academy X

12-15 + Yearbook Special 

House of M: New X-Men


New X-Men: Childhood’s End

20-23, 24-27, 28-32, 33-36, 37-43

Messiah Complex, complete

1-4, 5-8, 9-13, Mutant Files
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A while ago I heard a version of this story where Athena has pity on Medusa and turns her into the gorgon to protect her from all men. A gift instead of a punishment for her brother’s crimes.
It always stuck with me, so here’s a doodle.

sunny vintage saturday. ☼
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Eryck Laframboise by SAAD
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If you characterize Steve Rogers as a dumb woobie baby who has the same survival and social skill level of an awkward prepubescent teen

We are probably going to have some issues my friend

the lord put us here to punch holes in the sky

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