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Question of the day





Time for some bi positivity! What’s your favorite thing about being bi? or pan or lgbt in general?

the pure, unfiltered power

The ability to commune with unicorns.

glowing in the dark

Everyday Magic


But think about this:

  • a witch who does knot magic braiding spells into her hair
  • or tying it into his tie or shoelaces
  • a witch who does technomagic putting a reminder on their phone that contains a good luck charm
  • a kitchen witch making a memory spell in pancakes to help their kids learn and retain stuff from school
  • an enchanter/ress putting anti-bullying pins on their childs’ backpack
  • a musicwitch humming happiness charms all day long
offtide asked: shuffles forward. ;v; strikhedonia, samsteve?


strikhedonia - the pleasure of being able to say “to hell with it”.

smushes your faaaaace ♥︎ sfw!

There are things that happen in increments: love and trust, loyalty, searching and searching. The dawning realisation that the search might be pointless and some people don’t want to be found. The dawning realisation that some people — that all people, Steve included — won’t ever be the same. The dawning realisation that the future might not be all that, but it can still be good provided it’s shared with good people. Slow epiphanies.

There are things that happen all at once, like tidal waves, blink and you’ll miss them until the water closes over your head: one day Steve is checking into yet another shitty hotel off yet another interstate with yet another stack of photocopied files full of ghost stories and spy urban legends. He’s about to pay for a single room, two beds. Sam is in the parking lot, sorting out their weapons and gear; there is always a HYDRA cell, and always a reason to strap on the wings and pick up the shield.

Sam is a slow epiphany that happened all at once and left Steve needing to catch up. All the things that should have taken months were already there, his for the taking, and —

His fingers tighten around the shiny plastic of the credit card. The receptionist looks up at him with a polite smile.

‘Y’know what,’ Steve says, passing her the card, ‘could you make it one bed? For two people?’

‘Like a honeymoon suite?’

Steve grins. Something tells him Sam won’t let him live this down easily, but he wants to see what else might be his for the taking, if he just asks.

‘Yeah. Like a honeymoon suite.’


So let’s talk about your new favorite website and app, Duolingo.


I haven’t seen anyone on my dash talking about this and that’s a fucking crying shame because Duolingo is the shit. You can use Duolingo to learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese. Even Dutch, if you’re feeling frisky and want to play with a Beta test (Dutch is not available on Android, but def. grabbable online for all of your language expanding pleasures).

What makes Duolingo so damn special? They make learning a new language into something they call gamefication. You earn points and you kick your friends’ asses with your mad linguistic skills.(Hell yes I’m at the top of my personal leaderboard)


No sass about my idioms being weak. Deutsche sprache, schwere sprache.

And it works. Like, really really works.


But what makes Duolingo so amazing is that its goal from the very beginning was to be a free and easily accessible ESL tool in order to make people more employable world wide. Even their English certification test (normally only $20!) is free right now!

And there are no ads.


The program is supported through the crowd-sourced translations the users do as part of the “immersion” training. You get practice, the Duolingo community talks about it and makes corrections and meshes the good work from different people together, and the final product becomes a translation Duolingo sells to keep the lights on. So to speak.

Will you sound like a native? Probably not. Will you be able to hold your own in a gramatically imperfect and probably clunky way in a normal conversation? Hey, it’s a damn sight better than where I’m at now, so I’m in. And so should you.

It’s super easy to find a way to use it. You can get it from the Apple Store and you can get it from Google Play. You can log in to the website and learn and find extras that aren’t on the app. You can… probably not use it via smoke signals, but I won’t stand in your way if you want to try, bro.


Go forth and be awesome in many tongues, my friends.

the lord put us here to punch holes in the sky

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